OIKOS MATERIALS is an expert in commercializing materials, composites and “new eco-friendly” materials for industry, fashion gadgets, model fabrication, fine arts, restoration, scenography and high technology parts for cars and motorbikes. Thanks to a long experience, we can help you to choose the most suitable product for your needing, suggesting you new and original solutions, and paying particular attention to the required technical features and to the design. Our products range is continuously expanding and updating, according to the developments and introductions of new technologies. Today OIKOS MATERIALS has a young and dynamic staff, always able to meet any kind of requests from  the customers. According to our philosophy we study for you “environmentally friendly” solution. Our strategy is focused on efficiency and if you are searching for high technology and modern design, we will help you to realize your ideas!

July 23rd 2012
Our catalogues in PDF format are now available for downloading in the PRODUCTS section.