In co-operation with another Company which belongs to our Group, we help you to realize specific and spare parts for aviation, nautical and automotive field (motorbike included). We can assist you in every step like recruiting the material, design, milling, turning, finishing and polishing.
Our Group in fact has a big experience in working in the aviation and racing field, and is therefore used to apply very high quality standards.
In addition, we are able to design and manufacture moulds for different sectors such as investment casting, plastic injection, metal injection, moulding and die casting.
Oikosmaterials is a lean and efficient community which can suggest you the right and effective solution in the machining and for the product industrialization project. Especially, our technical team is a valuable partner for the development phase until the pre-series realization.

Thanks to our last generation tools machines ("state of the art") and a deep knowledge concerning the milling process of every material (even the less popular ones) we are able to realize artefacts in a wide range of fields and reduce the time-to-market. A careful and precise preliminary analysis of each required project, then allow us to clearly show and specify every step from the beginning. We give a great importance to a constant interaction with the customer, in order to improve the final result, but also to work in full transparency during every process. In other words, our mission is to co-operate with you, respecting:

  Precision and accuracy
  Deep knowledge based on a old experience
At the base of a continuous and constant improvement of our production capacity there is also a constant attention to what is offered by the market nowadays.